What has happened to the West Ham Board?

What has happened to the West Ham Board?  By Alf Gasparro There is no denying that these are exciting times for West Ham fans and considering the last two seasons of woe, deceit and underachieving...it's the least we can expect. However, did anyone really ever expect to see our club signing the players that we have and... Continue Reading →

Just like my dreams England by Stel

Most regular followers of Irons United will know that I often rate player performances after each West Ham game. I thought I would do the same for the England team. This is a rating for their performance for the whole tournament as opposed to last nights semi final against Croatia Jordan Pickford - probably no... Continue Reading →

The phone call by Stel

PELLEGRINI’S PHONE CALL TO DAVID SULLIVANSully: hello?Pellegrini: Hi David. How are you?Sully: Manuel... very well thanks. How are you? Are you happy with the four players I’ve bought for you?Pellegrini: well, yes. It’s a great start. But, let’s not forget, two of those players are free. So, I’m guessing we still have a lot of... Continue Reading →

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